Atlas Construction residential roof replacement creating a ridge vent for proper ventalation in Hickory NC.Residential



Asphalt shingles are the most commonly thought of traditional roofing shingle.

Asphalt comes in a wide variety of colors with easy installation.

The most traditional is Three Tab Shingle. Three tab shingles are flat and smooth.

Three tab shingles traditionally have a 25 year warranty.


Atlas Construction archetictual shingle on a residential roof replacement in Morganton, NCAtlas Construction residential roof repair of flashing around the chimney in Hickory, NC.


The newest asphalt shingle today is the  Architectural  shingle.

Architectural shingles are the next step up from the traditional three tab shingle and the cost is more expensive.

Architectural shingles are  dimensional and are thicker with multi layers.  Architectural shingles have a lifetime warranty.

The warranty  can Pro-Rate after 10 years,  20 years  or  a Non Pro-Rated  50 year  lifetime warranty.



Atlas Construction Certainteed Roof Runner synthetic underlayment being installed on a residential roof replacement in Hickory, NC.                                Atlas Construction removing the old existing shingle down to the decking preparing with the synthetic underlayment.                          Atlas Construction working on a residential roof repair in Hickory, NC.

30 years ago there was no underlayment material underneath the shingles. The roofing repair industry has changed with

the cost being more effective.  15 1b. felt was first used and thought to do a good job (compared to no underlayment) in

protecting your home. As time passed, the industry has moved toward the 30 lb. felt which does provide even more of a

water and leak barrier for you home.

Atlas Construction uses an integrity roofing system which consist of a synthetic underlayment that is much like a tarp.

Synthetic underlayment provides an excellent water barrier for years to come.


Gutter replacement, repair and service


Atlas Construction gutter repair and replacement residential roofing repair in Hickory NC                        

Installation and replacement gutters play an important role by keeping the water flow away from your home to avoid water damage.

Gutters also help avoid soil erosion at the base of your home.

If the gutters are not working properly, the backup flow of water could collect and in cold weather and could cause an ice damn.

When the ice melts, it can rot your soffit and fascia and can create a backflow into your home.

The backflow could be around doors, through the decking of the roof and drip down into the walls.

Erosion at the base of the home can allow molds and bacteria to grow.

We offer 5” and 6” gutter systems with may different types of leaf guards as well as the helmet guard system.


Roof Tiles are available in many variety of styles and colors, like your traditional asphalt shingles. They can be made with either clay or concrete but can be very heavy. If considering this type of shingle you may check to see if your home can support this weight by having enough support beams in the home. Tile shingles are very durable and beautiful and can last a lifetime. The has underlayment beneath may not last as long as the shingles and may need to be replaced. Also, just like the Cedar Shake, Tile shingles can withhold from damaging winds and or hurricanes or other disasters such as house fires.

Cedar Shake

Cedar Shake is a very beautiful type of shingle and has its benefits. Cedar Shake can able to hold up in damaging wind storms and even hurricanes and can also last for a lifetime with proper maintenance. However, this beautiful type of roofing is more expensive than your traditional asphalt type due to the shipping cost. Most Cedar Shake shingles come from Canada. They are hand crafted onsite and the install is more expensive due to putting each custom piece together like a jig saw puzzle. Cedar Shake also has no variety of colors. The color actually will fade as time goes on looking a more grayish color. Cedar Shake does have its place, such as Hounds Ears Country Club in the NC Mountains.



Metal roofing is another more expensive roof than your traditional asphalt shingle. Metal Roofs have become very popular due to the life span and energy efficiency provided. The a metal roof can keep your home cooler in the summer as well as keeping the heat inside the home during the winter months. They last much longer than your tradition shingles and require almost no maintenance.

There are two different types metal roofing.

First, called Multi Rib which consist of 29 gage metal and Kynar paint is applied at the factory. Once the roof is measured the metal is cut to custom fit the roof.

Second, is standing seam which is 26 gage it’s a little heavier metal and usually is used commercial use. It has a floating system to install which is more costly. Kynar paint is applied at the factory as well which provides a 40 year non fade warranty.



Windows provide an important role for your home by allowing the natural sunlight into your home as well as ventilation. Window replacement is well known for energy efficiency. The new triple pane window is 22% more energy efficient than the most common double pane window today. The new low e application know as the heat seal is made for the south and reflects heart and cold away from your home. A window that has an 1/8 inch draft is equivalent air flow into the home as to having an opening the size of a brick! Let us show you how to save a true 30% on your electric bill. Replacement windows are a home improvement project that will pay for themselves. As energy cost increase 10% each year, put the money back into the quality of your home instead of giving it back to the power company. New windows also increase your home value stated in Cost vs Value a sister publication of Consumer Reports.

Atlas Construction offers all sizes and types of windows to choose from with each window being custom made to fit. All of our windows are made from a virgin vinyl which has never been recycled. Recycled vinyl is weakened and cannot withstand the weight of the glass causing the window to fail. This is when the seal breaks and the argon gas escapes. When the argon gas is lost, there is now no insulation. This is equivalent to an old single pane window.

  • Types of windows:
  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Hopper
  • Sliding
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Garden
  • Specialty Shaped
  • Skylights
  • Siding


Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is the very popular due to the low cost, low maintenance and easy to clean. It is also available in all sorts of styles and colors. We offer the highest quality siding made with virgin vinyl. Virgin vinyl has never been recycled. Why is this important? Has anyone ever seen siding that has cracked, bowed or discolored? This is due to the bleaching process of recycling and weakens the product.

Let us show you how vinyl siding can last you a lifetime. With the proper installation of foam board, Vinyl siding has also become very energy efficient. It is like putting your house in a cooler! Stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding – This siding is made of sand, cement and wood fibers. James Hardi invented the first fiber siding in the early 1920’s, now known as Hardi Board. Hardi Board provides a wood look without the maintenance. When properly installed, fiber cement siding can last a lifetime.

Wood Siding

Wood Siding – Wood siding is beautiful and can be painted or stained any color but can require major maintenance because it can deteriorate over time. Wood siding is also susceptible to insects which increase the care needed to maintain your home.

soffit and fascia


brick and rock repair

specialty copper work