Reasons Why Hot-Weather Shingle Application Is a Challenge

Whenever summer rolls around, homeowners start calling up roofing contractors to get some roof replacement work done before the new school year starts. Unfortunately, applying a new roof during the hot weather of the summer season can be more challenging for your roofers than you may think.

Here are the reasons why hot weather shingle application is a challenge for most roofers.

Softened Asphalt Shingle Coating

If you’re having new asphalt shingles installed on your new home, the hot weather can pose quite a challenge for your roofers in terms of keeping it intact. This is because the asphalt shingle’s coating can slightly soften when exposed to direct sunlight, making it susceptible to scuffing from foot traffic.

Apart from that, the softened coating can also be the cause of foot slippage, meaning that working on your roof in the heat can prove hazardous for your roofer.  To prevent this, have your roofers wait until the surrounding temperatures cool down first before they get to work once again.


If the weather forecasts are predicting that the day will be hot and sunny, have your roofing professional install the new shingles early in the day before the temperature reaches its peak. That way, it won’t be too hot and uncomfortable for your roofers, and they won’t be worn out by heat exhaustion.


While asphalt roofs are designed to withstand direct exposure from the hot summer sun, this design feature will only work once it’s installed. With that in mind, avoid storing the products in direct sunlight to prevent the shingles from sticking to one another in the packaging. Otherwise, it’ll be more difficult to separate them from the bundle.

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