5 Methods of Making Your Roof Stronger Against Storms

If you aren’t careful with your roofing systems before the stormy season starts, it’s entirely possible for it to be thoroughly damaged as soon as one rolls into your area. Your roof can sustain any punctures that can cause it to leak or even be blown off from the structure itself. Either way, it could spell out huge problems for you. Luckily, it is possible to avoid such problems.

  1. Stabilizers – In the event that you’re replacing your roofing system, consider adding stabilizers to the roof itself as the project is ongoing. You can add hurricane straps that connect the rafters to the walls for added stability when the roof decking is removed, or add nails and screws to the roof deck as fasteners to further add to the deck’s stability.
  2. Seal Exterior Holes – If your roofing system has holes to allow wires, cables and pipes to be able to enter or exit your home, a small container of silicone caulk should easily seal these holes up for you and prevent any possible leaks.
  3. Secure the Shingles – Securing the shingles are one of the basic steps you can take if you want your roofing system to be stronger against storms. In fact, if the bottom row of shingles isn’t properly secured, high winds can easily affect the rest of the layers as well. Three one-inch dots of roofing cement on the middle and sides of each shingle should be able to secure your roofing shingles better. Keep in mind to do as soon as possible, however, as the cement can take two weeks to properly adhere.
  4. Reinforce the Soffits – The soffits are important components of your roof that can help protect your rafters from the elements, which can prolong the life of your roofing materials and reduce any chances of mold growth. To reinforce this before a storm, use a tube of polyurethane sealant and stainless steel screws in order to connect the soffit parts. That way, they can act as a unit that prevents one weak part from starting a general failure.

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