Home Improvement Projects That Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Heating and cooling comprise some of the biggest energy expenses in homes, accounting for about 48% of the monthly bill. Though the continuous increase in the demand for energy use is inevitable, there are many ways it can be reduced. Investing in the right home improvement projects is one such example. Atlas Construction, your go-to company for roofing services, discusses some of them in today’s post.

Replacing Windows

Today’s replacement windows don’t just let sunlight and air into your room. New units also utilize low-emissivity (low-e) glass and argon gas to minimize solar heat gain in your home. They also create an airtight seal to lessen the loss of thermal energy.

Through window replacement, you drive your home’s comfort levels up and use of heating and cooling – and subsequent utility costs – down. Our company offers Norandex windows, particularly the eXtreme™ line of units made of vinyl.

Restoring Your Roofing System With a Replacement

Your roofing system doesn’t only work to protect your home from the elements. It also contributes to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. That said, replacing it would be a better and long-lasting solution once it has shown signs of disrepair or has already reached the end of its service life.

Our roofing pros have the expertise to restore your roof to its original condition, especially if it was damaged by a storm. We only use quality roofing products from GAF, CertainTeed® and Owens Corning® that help enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as boost its energy efficiency.

Upgrading Your Siding

siding repair or replacement project is another cost-effective option to increase the R-values of your home. Given that it is one of your home’s main defenses against harsh weather conditions, it is imperative that you choose a material that can ensure long-lasting protection for your exterior while being low maintenance.

Our siding products from Norandex and Royal® Crest feature a weathertight barrier to keep your living space comfortable all year round. Combining versatile aesthetics with high-level performance, you can reduce your burden on your heating and cooling system.

Atlas Construction is here to help you achieve an energy-efficient home. Apart from roofing and other home improvement services, we also specialize in gutter replacement. Call us today at (828) 544-1110 to get started. You may also fill out our contact form to request a quote.