The Most Compelling Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Insulation

Are you wondering if your home needs to have new insulation installed? If high energy costs aren’t enough of a sign, there are a few other indications that it is time to make this investment. Do you need to replace your home’s insulation? Find out here. 

Pests and Critters

Your home needs to be a place of peace, relaxation, and refuge. However, some pests want to come in and enjoy all this too. If you have noticed pests and critters like opossums, mice, squirrels, and raccoons around the outside of your home, it’s probably a good idea to look in the attic, the crawlspace, and basement for signs of an infestation. Insects and rodents are skilled at finding ways inside your home through very small openings, like a hole in the roof or issues with the vents. 

If you find any signs of pests in your crawlspaces, basement, or attic, it’s a good idea to repair any damage they have caused. This is going to help prevent any further infestation, along with unpleasant odors left behind by the pests. Another important reason to make sure your attic is properly insulated is to seal off any openings that critters are using to get inside. 

A Leaky Roof or Water Damage

Just like critters can sneak through very small holes in your roof, so can water. Flooding and heavy rains can compromise the roof and walls of your home. With water coming in, and no way for it to dry out, there is a good chance bacteria, mildew, or mold will begin to grow. Basements, walls, and attics are all susceptible to this type of water damage. 

There are some types of insulation that are not as susceptible to mold growth as the others. For example, fiberglass, which is a non-biodegradable material, is resistant to the growth of mold. If you choose cellulose-based insulation, it is made of paper materials. This is the preferred food source for mold when it gets wet. Even if you install fiberglass with paper backing, this is going to be a buffet for mold. 


It doesn’t matter if the issue is around a window or doorway or if it is in the attic, drafts are a big problem. While smaller drafts can be eliminated using caulk, extra insulation is likely needed for these areas, too. While you may think a draft is just an inconvenience, they can cost you a lot of money over time. 

Spray foam insulation is a smart option because it can get into crevices and cracks, and it will seal while insulating. This is a smart option for anyone looking for an affordable way to start saving on their energy costs. 

If someone is thinking about investing in new insulation for their home, they should consider if any of the issues here are present. If they are, then now may be the time to call the professionals for more information about new insulation.