Common Scenarios of Storm Damage

Your priority is safety since severe storms can be dangerous and frightening. You need to be careful if your area has been a significant problem. Don’t go inside the house and seek professional advice if flood risk remains or if you think your home has been structurally damaged. A small price of spending a few nights in an emergency shelter or at a friend’s house cannot be compared to the danger of a wrong structure. You will need to start with restoration and clean up after you must have assessed the damage when the disaster has passed. You can consult Atlas Construction & Roofing for safety and protection if you have experienced storm damage. Atlas will also handle storm damage insurance claims on your behalf.

Thunderstorm and Lightning Damage

Thunderstorm and lightning damage bring the threat of severe structural and fire damage as they tend to happen anywhere in the US. You may come across damage to steel framework, telephone or cable lines, satellite dishes, antennas, appliances, and electrical wiring, even if you channel the energy to the ground for your lightning rods to work correctly. Since your home will protect you, ensure that you stay indoors until the storm is over except there are signs of fire.

Hail Damage

Though some parts of the US experience more of the hail damage, it can happen anywhere. Those more susceptible are the states in the Midwest, and they tend to be common between May and September. Not all hail damage is visible. However, when they are visible, check for bent pipes and roof vents, dents in shingles in a random pattern, and cracked shingles. When there is damage to the substrate materials beneath the shingles are the evidence of invisible damage. It’s useful to get a professional opinion if you think you have hail damage. You may have a structural problem at hand since this damage results in serious roof leaks that can spread.

Insurance Coverage

Home and business insurance policies cover severe damage from most storms. However, the specifics vary. The property values in your neighborhood, the extent of your damage, the structure and age of the building, and premiums and deductions, and much more will determine the amount you are responsible for paying. Your insurer may not consider singling you out for rate increases since most storms are considered God’s acts. However, the entire neighborhood can be subject to rate increases following disasters, and you may not be eligible if you fail to file claims promptly. As such, you may want to avoid paying more in future premiums without receiving the benefits now by filing claims as quickly as possible.

Hire a Professional Contractor

While the risk of danger tends to be high, you may want quickly to consider repairing storm damage. Atlas Construction and Roofing is your ideal expert home restoration and repair company. The company is available for emergencies 24/7.