Atlas Construction & Roofing Three Important Services

Atlas Construction & Roofing: Three Important Services

Like Charles Atlas, we’ve got the strength to help our customers to renovate their properties and keep them in the best condition for the future.

We do a lot of commercial and residential roofing, but we also specialize in various other kinds of similar property improvement work. Here are three of the big services that we provide to clients all over the Hickory/Granite Falls area.

Gutter and Downspout Work

You can have the best roof in the world, but if your gutters and downspouts aren’t working correctly, you’re risking damage to the other fundamental part of your building – the foundation.

Some people just don’t feel comfortable getting up on a ladder to inspect these systems routinely. When they start getting a trickle of rain in the basement or crawl space, they ignore it, because that’s just easier. But then that trickle gradually becomes a torrent – and you may be facing real, hard-to-fix property damage!

We go on-site to our customers to help consult and evaluate gutter systems and put the right solutions in place to route water away from the building footprint. Just like you need a high-quality, secure roof to prevent water damage from above, you need nicely working gutters and downspouts to avoid water damage from below. This winning combination is a reason why many local residents in places like Granite Falls have us on speed dial.

Energy Evaluation and Energy-Efficient Installations

Is your home or business property losing air, and suffering from poor energy efficiency?

This is often related to cracks or air leaks or other problems with the building’s energy envelope.

We are experienced in looking at a property to figure out what’s wrong, and the best way to fix it. We install energy-efficient windows and other systems, as well as the best insulation and siding, to keep the property sealed. That way, you get your money’s worth out of your furnace air conditioner or other heating and cooling system.

Storm Damage: All Kinds

Lots of companies are used to estimating roof damage from a storm, but we know that storms impact other parts of the property as well. That’s why we offer comprehensive storm damage restoration services, working with many of the major home insurance carriers that underwrite your local home policy.

Talk to Atlas Construction & Roofing about what you need to keep your property in great shape. You’ll sleep better, knowing that your maintenance plan is in place to protect your investment.